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This summer we will be running our first Esports-oriented summer camp for young kids, and high schoolers interested in collegiate esports. It will be our first virtual camp with the ability to participate from the comfort of your own home. The game of choice is Rocket League. Our two collegiate-level coaches from McGill University will not only be teaching your kids the strategies of Rocket League but also how to maintain a positive mindset. 

Here are some things that we will focus on to help them cultivate a healthy lifestyle:

  • Staying positive in face of adversity.

  • Taking responsibility for your team's success, and not blaming others.

  • Having high confidence in your ability, by having a healthy relationship with yourself.

  • Improving based on high repetition and positive self-evaluation.

  • Practicing in moderation, and taking breaks when necessary.

  • The best way to give and take constructive criticism.

  • And most importantly, having fun!

Like regular sports, esports is useful in teaching important life lessons. We want to help teach your kids tools that they can use to improve their own lives inside and outside the virtual world. Just as sports help train your body, esports help train your mind! 

We will be offering two styles of camps this summer:



This camp will run 9am-12pm Monday to Friday and is geared towards younger kids ages 10-13. Here we will focus on teaching how a positive mindset can help you and techniques to learn skills (this applies to more than just videogames), while also making sure your kids enjoy themselves and have fun. 


These camps will run from 6pm-8pm Monday to Friday and are geared towards ages 14-18. Our coaches have a combined 7 years of collegiate esports experience and will share with the players what they should expect at the college level. Along with teaching how to improve your mindset and in-game skill, they will answer questions like, how to join a collegiate team, how to get esports scholarships, how to sign up for leagues, and the best ways to improve to prepare for collegiate level rocket league.

All communication will be done through our discord server which you can join via this link

Camp 1 cost = $120 / Player 

Camp 2 cost = $80/player

Bring a Buddy Deal: 

If you sign up with a friend you both get a 25% discount. Just fill out the name of your buddy on the registration sheet. (Note you can only be one person's buddy)

Camp Schedule:

We will offer multiple weeks of camp, but each week is limited to only 12 kids. Both camps will have the same structure, but we will adjust the drills based on skill level and times.

Rocket League and the discord app are both available for free, although players will need their own setups at home to participate (PC, Xbox, Ps4/5, or Nintendo Switch) other than that you won't have to pay for anything but the price of the camp. Payments will be done through Venmo or PayPal.

Dates of camp

7/11-7/15 9:00am -12:00pm (camp 1)

7/25-7/29 9:00am -12:00pm (camp 1)

8/15-8/19 6:00pm - 8:00pm

(camp 2)

Click the button below to fill out a google form. The links below should help you find some of the information we are looking for, or how to find your discord id once you create an account.

RL tracker link:

Article to find your epic-id in rocket league:

Article to find your discord id:

To learn more about our coaching staff click the button to the right.

If you have any questions or concerns you can email me here at or fill out the feedback form to the right.

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