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Tri-Town Soccer Academy is an off-season training program founded in 2015 by Jaime Jorge. We dedicate ourselves to working with soccer players of all ages in the CT region. Our certified coaches are the most passionate and dedicated coaches that you will find around and will always be there to help your son or daughter become the best soccer player they want to be!


Why Tri-Town Soccer Academy:

  • Certified Travel/Premier Coaching Staff

  • Insports Centers State of Art Training Facility with Multi Surface Training Platforms

  • Travel/Premier Program Training Environment

  • Affordable introduction to the next level of soccer!

We are committed to providing the best soccer experience your child has ever had. From the early age of two to their senior year in high school, children are always striving for excellence both in and out of the game. Our unique skill-based training environment provides players the "freedom to succeed" without the "fear of failure." We encourage players of all skill levels to take ownership in their development. Our professional and certified coaching staff will challenge players with a variety of drills and games that are meant to ignite a "PASSION" to play. These methods focus on developing a player who is more confident with the ball, a player who has a greater self-esteem amongst his or her team, but more importantly, ensure fun and enjoyment for playing the "beautiful game." Owner & President of Tri-Town Soccer Academy Jaime Jorge says, "The secret to any successful sports program is a highly qualified coach who can relate to his or her group of players. Kids need to be held accountable to standards. Coaches who are willing to empower players yet hold them accountable to standards is what separates us from everyone else."

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