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About the Coaches

Hi! my name is Bryant Recker, and I go by the gamertag Mast3rbry. I am GC3 and have been competing at the college level for McGill Univerity for 3 years now. In this past year, I have coached two other teams, one at Concordia University, and our B team at McGill University. Min and I have been playing on the McGill A team for 3 years now and have a lot of experience competing at the collegiate level. Last year we were ranked in the top 32 teams in the east coast out of around 115 teams, and this past season we won our league in the NECC Challengers division, we finished with a record of 9-0-0 and finished first at the end of the season tournament. We also competed in and won the Canadian Collegiate Esports League, with a record of 8-2-0, and finished 1st at the end of the season tournament. I have also been a coach at Tri-Town soccer for 4 years now, and am looking to start this club's journey into the realm of esports. I like learning mechanics and hitting flashy plays, but also believe that staying positive is the most important part of having a successful team!

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Hi! My name is Minh and I go by the gamertag luckyman268. I am currently majoring in Software Engineering at McGill University. I have been playing Rocket League since 2015 and have competed in various tournaments and leagues throughout this time, facing pro teams such as G2 Esports. I have been flown to Toronto for a national tournament where the best players in Canada faced off against each other. I have been the highest rank almost all seasons. As of recent years, I have been competing at the collegiate level for McGill University. My experience at a high level will provide the insight and knowledge on what it takes to improve oneself and the mentality needed to traverse through adversity. I am very excited to coach and give the opportunity for others to better themselves not only as players, but as people!

Coach's Clips

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