Tri-Town Summer Storm 2021


Come Join us for a great action-packed summer!!!  

Summer is the perfect time for players to relax, enjoy friends, family and of course “vacation time”. At the same time, it’s the perfect time for young soccer players to work on their individual skills, techniques and the understanding of the beautiful game. Tri-Town Soccer Academy Summer Strom program encourages players to work on their personal game and sharpen their personal tools for an enhanced “soccer toolbox”. We will equip players with new techniques or ideas that will challenge their own personal abilities and enhancing their own personal style of play.


2021 will mark our 6th year of “SUMMER STORM” and while each year we always add new innovative training ideas there is one thing that stands TRUE, our commitment to Tri-Towns (5) core values:

  1. FUN – Players love to play soccer because it’s fun

  2. PASSION – Players need to thrive in the thrill of victory and learn from the agony of defeat

  3. GREAT COACHING – We pride ourselves on providing “Nationally Certified Coaches” who can communicate clear expectations

  4. ACCOUNTABILITY/PERSERVERANCE – Players are held accountable to standards and need to preserver through adversity, the phyco-social part of the this game post-covid is probably one of the key factors in youth player development

  5. ASPIRATIONS – Players need to aspire to “BE GREAT”, don’t settle for ok when better than good is what you can deliver!



  • Our 2021 Program will be broken down into 4 training PODS – Recreational, Travel, Premier & Academy. (This ensures every player is training in their most challenging groups)

  • Storm program is known for sharpening player skills, game instincts and soccer IQ, this is the real secret to our summer program’s success

  • Storm program will introduce players to new positions and perspectives on the field. While other programs focus on position specialization, we want to develop soccer players!

  • Ball Mastery / 1 v 1(Confidence) / Combination Play / Finishing – These are Summer Storms (4) areas of specialization!

Register for the Trumbull AYSO 2021 Spring season! Hope to see you on the fields soon! 

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